Mosaics Thanksgiving BBQ Feast & Karaoke Night

14449001_10207488362303631_4385076054972113641_n<Sports & BBQ Event for Davis Mosaics & Fellowship of Mosaics>

Happy Thanksgiving! Instead of eating boring turkey and ham inside, let’s have fun outdoor activities and BBQ! Please invite your friends and families as we celebrate our journey of past and future. Please also bring extra meats, hotdogs, vegetables to grill -and- delicious desserts and drinks.

• No language classes in Davis on Saturday, Nov. 19. No language classes in Sacramento on Sunday, Nov. 20.
• Transportation: We will provide rides from Davis Community Church at 2 pm.
• Soccer Game: Starting at 3 pm (Please wear either darker shirts or lighter shirts to divide into 2 teams).
• Thanksgiving BBQ Feast: Starting at 4 pm: Main Meats will be Korean Beef Short-Ribs, Pork Baby Back-Ribs, Lemon/Lime Chickens and Spicy Squids. There will be also grilled vegetables and other delicious dishes for vegetarians.
• Post-BBQ Activity: “Mosaics Karaoke Contest Night” from 7 pm to 10 pm at Rurulala Karaoke, 9721 Folsom Blvd., Sacramento, CA 95827 (Donation: $5/person). There will be lots of prizes!!

Please RSVP at:

Thank you so much! Happy Thanksgiving!!

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