Mosaics Annual Report

Mosaics Annual Report

Intercultural Mosaics ( is a New Worshiping Community sponsored by Davis Community Church. Led by the Rev. Dr. Stephen Moon and supported by the hospitality gifts of Grace Moon, Mosaics is moved by a love of Christ and aims to bring new, fresh expressions of the Body of Christ to meet the spiritual needs of Millennials and Gen Zers. The goal is to transform these individuals for Christ’s ministries of justice, peace, healing, and environmental stewardship.

Shift in Focus: Over time, and especially during the pandemic, the Spirit has shifted and expanded our focus. Initially centered on Millennials and Gen Zers, our ministry now embraces a multi-ethnic and cross-cultural approach. While we remain intentional about addressing the spiritual needs of Millennials and Gen Zers, our primary focus has evolved to intercultural ministry. This shift has also brought a geographic widening, allowing us to connect with participants from other states and countries.

Mosaics’ Influence and Success: At Mosaics, we define a thriving church by its impact and influence rather than mere numerical growth. We believe true influence originates from personal transformation within individuals, which then radiates outward to impact others. As a vibrant missional hub, Mosaics has the potential to evolve into a movement, fostering a spiritual ecosystem for struggling churches.

Pandemic and Current Engagement: Before the pandemic, our outreach efforts connected with over 1,500 attendees, welcoming 3-7 new visitors each week. During the pandemic, we swiftly adapted, engaging with over 1,000 individuals through Zoom, with 75-100 dedicated participants attending Mosaics Zoom classes weekly from February 2020 to February 2024. Our engagement is richly diverse, with 200 active members representing 25 different ethnicities across multiple generations.

Intercultural Growth and Connection: As of June 30, 2024, Mosaics has facilitated dynamic meetups, attracting 2,879 registered participants and orchestrating an impressive 5,595 events to date. Our online presence flourishes, with a website boasting 48,884 subscribers and a vibrant Facebook Group with 300 active members. As we pursue expansion, we anticipate welcoming over 150 new participants in 2024-2025, embracing both virtual and in-person avenues of connection.

Gratitude to Davis Community Church: Mosaics is deeply grateful for all that Davis Community Church provides to Intercultural Mosaics: facilities, staff support, pastoral support, financial resources, and abundant prayer and encouragement.

By celebrating the past year’s achievements and looking forward to the future, Mosaics continues to thrive as a beacon of intercultural and cross-generational spiritual growth.

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