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Special Report on the Millennials:
Millennials: Confident. Connected. Open to Change. – Pew Research Center
Religion Among the Millennials – Pew Research Center
American Millennials: Deciphering the Enigma Generation
Millennials: The Gen Y Tsunami is Here

Worship Song Lyrics and Chords:
Matt Redman by Paul Baloche
Worship Music Chord Sheets by Eileen Jahna

A Wesleyan Theology of Worship and Its Development in Free Methodism by Rob C. McLaren
Torah Praxis after 70 C.E.: Reading Matthew and Luke-Acts as Jewish Texts by Isaac Wilk Oliver
Representives of Roman Rule: Roman Governors in Luke-Acts by Joshua P. Yoder
God-Talk in the Book Of Job: A Biblical Theological and Systematic Theological Study into the Book of Job and Its Relevance for the Issue of Theodicy by Emke Jelmer Keulen (source:
What Selected Senior Pastors of Church Planting Churches Identify as Key Communication Factors in Casting Vision for a NEw Church Plant by Timothy G. Jacobs
The Contribution of the College Ministry Internship Program at Grace Bible Church in College Station, Texas to the Former Interns’ Discernment and Development of Ministerial Calling by Brian G. Fisher
A Leadership Training Manual for the 21st Century Church Leader Based on the Pattern and Principles Jesus Created to Train the Twelve Apostles by Gregory B. Baxter

PCUSA Books and Articles:
Standards of Ethical Conduct: Approved by the 210th General Assembly (1998) Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.),” developed by the Special Committee on a Professional Code of Ethics
Guidelines for the Employment of Church Musicians in Presbyterian Churches” by the Presbyterian Association of Musicians

“Jesus, Prophet like Elijah, and Prophet-Teacher like Moses in Luke-Acts” – J. Severino Croatto
“Stewardship: Sign and Substance of the Christian Life as Taught in the New Testament” – Ruth Ann Foster
“Conversion in Luke-Acts: The Potential of a Cognitive Approach” – Joel B. Green
“Let My People Go: The Exodus and Liberation Theology” – Peter Hebblethwaite
“Evangelical Theology in the Twenty-First Century” – Steve W. Lemke
“Literary Features of the Book of Job” – Gregory W. Parsons
“Kinds of Biblical Theology” – Vern Sheridan Poythress
“Stewardship of Creation” – David M. Rhoads
“Genesis 1:1-3: Creation or Re-Creation?” Part 1 (of 2 parts) – Mark F. Rooker
“Genesis 1:1-3: Creation or Re-Creation?” Part 2 (of 2 parts) – Mark F. Rooker
“The Creation Account in Genesis 1:1-3” (Part I: Introduction to Biblical Cosmogony) – Bruce K. Waltke
“The Creation Account in Genesis 1:1-3” (Part II: The Restitution Theory) – Bruce K. Waltke
“The Creation Account in Genesis 1:1-3” (Part III: The Initial Chaos Theory and the Pre-creation Chaos Theory) – Bruce K. Waltke
“The Creation Account in Genesis 1:1-3” (Part IV: The Theology of Genesis 1) – Bruce K. Waltke
“Jewish Responsibility for the Cross in Luke-Acts – Jon A. Weatherly

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Articles and Dissertations in Korean:
누가공동체의 성령이해의 기원 – 김도현
한국구약학회 제90차 춘계학술대회 논문


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