Please Support Ministries of Mosaics!

We’ve been raised more than $25,000 for the period of 2014-2017 through friends of Mosaics in addition to generous grants from Presbyterian Church (USA). If you would like to continually support our ministries to expand more in 2018-2019, please make tax-deductible love-offering check(s) payable to: “Fellowship of Mosaics” (for Sacramento Mosaics ministries) and/or “Davis Community Church” (for Davis Mosaics ministries) and mail your donation to:

Dr. Stephen Moon, Mosaics Pastor
(c/o Fellowship of Mosaics)
8893 Shasta Lily Drive
Elk Grove, CA 95624


Maria Rodriguez, Minister of Finances
Davis Community Church
(c/o Davis Mosaics)
412 C Street
Davis, CA 95616


Please use PayPal link at: or make financial gifts by using my PayPal email:

Thank you so much for your support! – Dr. Stephen Moon #mosaics


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Mosaics Christmas Karaoke Contest

This is an official joint event for both Davis and Sacramento Mosaics!

Instead of gathering at classrooms, we will gather at karaoke place to practice our languages by singing different languages that we’ve been learning. Please donate raffle prizes, if you can.

• When: From 5 pm to 8 pm on Saturday, December 23, 2017
• Where: Rurulala, 9721 Folsom Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95827
• Who: First 25 people who are RSVP’ed
• Cost: $5 or more donation
• Prize: Best Singer, Best Duet/Group Singers, Best Dancer and Raffle Prizes

Please make your RSVP at: 

For more information, please contact Stephen at 916-217-5470. Thank you! ♥ #mosaics

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Mosaics Christmas Candlelight Festival

This is an official joint event for both Davis and Sacramento Mosaics!

We are celebrating Christmas on Saturday, December 16 this year and invite all of you and your friends+family to the Christmas feast, music and games ! We will make this year’s Christmas festival as our special “teachers appreciation” event. All classes will be held as scheduled.

1. Please bring side dishes, desserts and/or drinks to share with others.

2. Please bring one gift (price range $10~15) to exchange during Christmas gift exchange time.

3. Please donate money or gifts for teachers, raffle prizes, if you can.

4. If you are talented in music or storytelling, please prepare as we will sing and share our stories at open-microphone stage.

For more information, please visit our FB group event at: or contact Stephen at 916-217-5470. Thank you! ♥

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