Mosaics 2nd Halloween Festival in Davis

Mosaics 2nd Halloween Festival in DavisdavismosaicshalloweenAbout 70 people gathered today with 21 newcomers. Please welcome our new friends, Laura Dubcovsky (Russian), Lian Liu (French), Chris Horsting (Portuguese), Yi Lu, Rocio Roman, Muhammad Naveed Arshad, Umair Gull, Naveed Arshad, Enrique “Kiko” Bustamante, Peter & Mariann Yim (Korean), Willow Noel Mastin (Korean), Kaihekoa Keauli’i (Spanish), Taku Noda, Yuri Nakamura, Natsumi Gendo, Yeonggyun Kim, Yue Ma, Cong Wang, Wijun Song, and one more person who we didn’t get name.

Thank you all teachers and volunteering leaders for us to have successful and blesses gathering. Thank you all those who brought potluck dishes and desserts! Thank you Selena Palmer for wrapping all gifts. Thank you Amlan Aggrawal, Clare Wei, Paul, Annie, Stephanie Partridge, and others who decorated the wall with Halloween theme. Thank you Vanessa Roman for your face-painting works! Thank you Tom Norio Sakaishi, Jennifer B. Huang and Leah Lz for your kitchen works! Thank you Paul Sh and Dr. Shoui Chen‘s family who stayed until everyone left. Thank you Ian Brown for helping cleaning up until the last minutes. Congratulations to all contest winners! Thank you Martin Corona for taking beautiful pictures for us! Let’s grow Davis Mosaics! #davismosaics #Mosaics #Davis

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“Jesus” by Chris Tomlin

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Fellowship of Mosaics Class Schedule


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