Partnership with San Francisco Theological Seminary

Partnership with San Francisco Theological Seminary

Kathy and I want to share with everyone the results of our visit to San Francisco Theological Seminary (SFTS) on Thursday, April 4, 2019.  We met with Jim McDonald, President, and Jana Childers, Dean.

We explained the history of Mosaics, its successes and challenges. We then focused on the future of Davis Mosaics, the work we are doing to cut expenses, to seek sponsors, grants, and the uncertainty of funding from Sacramento Presbytery. 

Jim McDonald could sit still no longer and proclaimed “You need to be part of us (SFTS) and the Center for Innovation!” He then explained how with the consolidation of SFTS with the University of the Redlands they are preparing for a large capital campaign for the future. He wants Davis Mosaics to be a part of that campaign. The campaign will launch this coming fall or winter.

Kathy and I were asked to come back to SFTS soon to meet again with Jim McDonald, and with Floyd Thompkins the VP of Innovation, and Walter Collins the VP of Advancement.  We are to prepare a 5-year plan and budget to grow and expand the ministry as a part of the future of SFTS/University of the Redlands.

Kathy and I are so excited to vision forward again. We thank Rev. Dr. Chris Neufeld-Erdman of Davis Community Church for encouraging us to go to SFTS and for all his ongoing support for Davis Mosaics. Our hope is to get bridge funding from the presbytery and/or other Presbyterian churches to help us move to this new future with SFTS.

Thanks be to God that is leading us!

Pastor Stephen
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