Journey of Mosaics

Mosaics in Davis started as an “experimental ministry” in early 2015 to reach out innovatively to the next generations. It sought to help today’s younger generations find their way to faith through the pleasures and dangers of the Internet and computer technology, which has done so much to shape their world. After evaluating the demographics, doing some street “exegesis” (exploration) to find which town/district would be most suitable to become the core-center in the Sacramento Metropolitan Area, we identified Davis, CA as having the most potential. As a college town, it was a good fit.

We developed a partnership with Davis Community Church (hereinafter, “DCC”) which began proactively supporting Mosaics by providing gathering spaces, staff support, financial support and prayers. A relationship with the presbytery has been firmly established that includes a liaison as well as ongoing communication with the presbytery’s Congregational Support Ministry Team. We also developed a relationship with Cal Aggie House (campus ministry by DCC and other denominations), International House (an intercultural non-profit for UC Davis students and residents), Yolo Food Bank, and many other non-profit organizations in Davis.

Mosaics began being a place of belonging for young people… Christian and non-Christian alike. Grounded in the spiritual practice of hospitality, we enable people to more fully live with and know their neighbors. Since the original word for hospitality, “philoxenia,” literally means the ‘love of strangers,’ it is our call to create a community of welcome for all. We are a “new expression” of Christianity that responds to the rapidly changing culture in dynamic ways. With that, Rev. Moon began to meet monthly with DCC’s New Expressions Committee which helped build bridges of opportunity for Mosaic participants to join DCC opportunities, including worship.

When we started in 2015, there were 12 initial core participants. By early 2020, there were 120+ regular participants. Mosaics was providing a contemporary interfaith-intercultural-inclusive fellowship weekly on Saturday afternoons on the DCC campus, as well as spiritual classes and small group fellowship on weekdays at various small group leaders’ homes. Mosaics leaders-teachers led the 60~80 avg. weekly participants. The age span was also expanding–in both directions! Millennials came with their young children and older people began joining as well.

With the onset of the pandemic, Mosaics converted from all in-person classes to virtual classes starting mid-March of 2020 and stopped offering small group fellowship. Mosaics received new participants that weren’t from Davis or even Sacramento. We went from having about 6-9 cultures represented to almost 30! Over 300 new friends joined from around the world with a wide range of participation–some joining only briefly, as well as those who are developing ongoing relationships. With the inception of Zoom classes, we have 70-80 participants while offering nine major language classes. We have also begun to offer music classes, spirituality and Bible study classes. Now our classes go from Friday through Sunday every week, adding 6-9 new participants weekly. We’ve been a creating dynamic virtual community without boundaries of age, geography or culture. Thus, we have a new name: Intercultural Mosaics.

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