Mosaics Mid Autumn Festivals 2018

Davis Mosaics Mid Autumn Festival on September 22, 2018

As we walk into the Fall season, Mosaics will gather to celebrate Mid Autumn Festival by making several delicious home-made Asian cultural dishes through cooking classes led by several cooking experts, Alex Jang, Ting Dong and Grace Moon.

We invited our beloved Alex Jang, specially to be our main chéf of Mosaics Mid Autumn Festival Cooking Events and hope you will be enjoying her elegant cooking style. So, please RSVP for her station ASAP. Thank you!

Here is the summary of Mosaics Cooking Events:

1. Alex Jang’s Cooking Station:
“Summer’s End Warm Chicken Salad” just like the weather outside, it’s not too hot and not too cold. We will be making and enjoying fresh bright flavors that will remind you of summer but will hopefully be savory enough of a memory to keep you warm as we transition into Fall.

There will be also vegan version of this with tofu and eggplants.

2. Ting Dong’s Cooking Station:
Ting will set up dumpling station to make various dumplings with beef, pork, shrimps and vegetables including with vegan version.

3. Grace Moon’s Cooking Station:
Grace will make traditional Korean rice cakes and Su-Jeong-Gwa drinks (made with Jujubes, Cinnamons, and Persimmons).


After the dinner fellowship (from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm), Acme Lee, a successful entrepreneur and social media guru, will deliver special presentation during the Mosaics Leadership Forum, with title:

“Living Your Dreams w/ NEO Escape Rooms”

We are each here to dream big and lead a very inspired life, it’s what we’re called to do.

Join NEO Escape Rooms on the evening of Saturday, September 22nd and hear the story of how Co-Founders Acme and Gabriel entered the Calling All Dreamers business contest and pursued their dream of launching an escape room entertainment center in downtown Sacramento.

Learn how to walk an inspired path in your own life and how to have more excitement, focus, and faith in your dreams!

With a little time, consistency, and a lot of positive vibes, you too can transform your life in amazing ways!

The fun has just begun.

See you there!


Fellowship of Mosaics Mid Autumn Festival on September 23, 2018

1. Mosaics Cooking Class: Chinese Spareribs and 3 Veggies

Chéf Lina Liu Lee will teach how to make delicious Chinese Spareribs with 3 vegetable dishes.

Please RSVP as this class is limited to first 8 people who sign up.

2. Mochi Making Class: Our Japanese teacher, Erika san, will teach you how to make Japanese Mochi. Open to all without limitation.

3. Please also bring “Moon Cakes” and other desserts to share.

Dinner will be at 6:30 pm.

For more information, please contact Dr. Stephen Moon at 916-217-5470. Thank you! ♥ #mosaics

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