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We are preparing to convert all physical classes to virtual classes as the COVID-19 pandemic will be lasting much longer than we anticipated. Here is what I would like to ask all of you.

1. Please join our meetup, if you haven’t to check all our future online Zoom classes as well as regular classes at Davis Community Church, offered by current and new teachers who want to offer classes for free to all participants. Most of class materials will be provided in pdf and/or printouts.

2. All teachers (current and new) and mosaics leaders will be assigned as either co-organizers and/or assistant organizers once they are joined in the meetup. Co-organizers can create the meetup classes whereas assistant organizers can manage the group calendar and all member communication. Please message me with your Zoom site link address.

3. Please spread word that we are not socially disconnected, but physically disconnected now, and we are continually meeting virtually in our Zoom sites until meeting again in person. Anyone who has language teaching skill, please join Mosaics FB group page at: and let me know.

Mosaics Zoom Online Class Updated on April 5, 2020


1) Beginning Korean by Stephen Moon: 4 pm on Fridays (since 3/27), Join Zoom Meeting:

2) Beginning Vietnamese by Katrina Tran: 4:30 pm on Fridays (from 4/10), Join Zoom Meeting:

3) Intermediate Korean** by Stephen Moon: 5 pm on Fridays (since 3/27), Join Zoom Meeting:


4) Portuguese Class by Stéfanie F. S.: 4 pm on Saturdays (since 3/28), Join Zoom Meeting:

5) Mandarin Chinese by Mengyuan Xiao: 5 pm on Saturdays (since 3/21), Join Zoom Meeting:

6) French by Seth Browner: 6 pm on Saturdays (since 3/21), Join Zoom Meeting:

7) Japanese by Takunori Kurashiki and Tom Norio Sakaishi: 7 pm on Saturdays (since 3/28), Join Zoom Meeting:


8) English Learners Group by Chad & Linda Andrews: 3 pm on Sundays (since 3/20), Join Zoom Meeting:

9) Acoustic Music Group by Dr. Chad Andrews, Takunori Kurashiki & Michael Lu: 4 pm on Sundays (since 3/29), Join Zoom Meeting:

Thank you so much and we love you all! <3

Dr. Stephen Moon, 916-217-5470

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