Portrait of Grace & Stephen Moon

by Señora Misteriosa
Portrait 6 of the 10 PIECE SERIES OF PORTRAITS OF COMMUNITY MEMBERS by Artist, Señora Misteriosa
Artist: Stephanie Thayer

Portrait 6 complete which means I’m over half way done with my initial community-members-who-give-back series! Today I am honoring some of the most humble, generous, and kind people I know in Davis. Dr. Stephen Moon and Grace K Moon were both born in Korea, and came to Hawaii in 1983 to study and later start a family. As parents of two millennial children, they have a strong passion and desire to reach younger generations. Steven and Grace run an organization called, “Mosaics” at the Davis Community Church (where Steven is a Pastor) which has been sponsored by the Davis Community Church since 2015. Mosaics offers various language, music, spiritual and cultural classes free of charge to the public (but please donate to keep them afloat). To access Mosaics’ spring schedule check out http://www.nextg.org/mosaics-2020-spring-class-schedule/ (classes are now being offered on zoom. Check the schedule here http://www.nextg.org/mosaics-zoom-classes/). I’ve taken Portuguese and Spanish classes there and the teachers are excellent. While community members take language classes at Mosaics on Saturday afternoons, Grace is busy preparing a free community meal for 60 people (with the help of volunteers) which is served at 6 pm. It’s ALWAYS delicious and nutritious. During dinner there is usually an open mic night where people can perform solo or in groups. The Moons have truly created an amazing space that has brought people from all walks of life together and built community. All faiths are welcome. Steven and Grace, I am so glad I met you this year and thank you for all you do for the community! See Less— with Stephen Moon at Davis Mosaics.

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