Mosaics Fall Zoom Classes

Mosaics Fall Zoom Classes effective from September 10, 2020 through November 22, 2020 on Saturdays and Sundays!

Friday Zoom Site:

1) Conversational Spanish with Vivi Ana: 5 pm on Fridays (since 9/11)

2) Conversational German with Hanna Steissberg: 6 pm on Fridays (since 9/25)

Saturday Zoom Site:

3) Spanish with Vivi Ana and Yormy Diaz: 3 pm on Saturdays (since 4/25)

4) Intermediate Korean with Stephen Moon: 4 pm on Saturdays (since 4/17)

5) Mandarin Chinese with Mengyuan Xiao: 5 pm on Saturdays (since 3/21)

6) French with Seth Browner: 6 pm on Saturdays (since 3/21)

7) Japanese with Tom Norio Sakaishi and Jun Kanazawa: 7 pm on Saturdays (since 3/28)

8) English Learners Group led by Chad & Linda Andrews: 8 pm on Saturdays (since 3/20)

Sunday Zoom Site:

9) Beginning Vietnamese with Katrina Tran: 3 pm on Sundays (since 4/10)

10) Beginning Korean with Stephen Moon: 4 pm on Sundays (since 3/27)

11) German with Hanna Steissberg: 5 pm on Sundays (since 4/12)

12) Bible Study Group led by Stephen Moon: 6 pm on Sundays (since 4/12)

Please check our meetup site at: or our FB group page at: for more information.

Thank you so much! 

Dr. Stephen Moon, Mosaics

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